Historical Evolution
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In 1914, Xiangya Medical School was established, offering basic medical courses

In 1940, national Xiangya Medical College was established and renamed Hunan Medical College in 1953

In 1956, Hunan Medical College set up Basic Course Department

In 1958, Hunan Medical College adjusted organization structure, repeal the Basic Course Department

In 1960, establish Basic Party general branch

After 1961, restore the Basic Course Department again

In 1967, Military propaganda teams and industrial propaganda teams have been stationed in schools, and the former Basic Courses Department has been replaced by basic links, with platoons and classes

In 1970, Implement recommend recruit students, established basic brigade

After 1973, restore the Basic Courses Department and the Basic Party general Branch

At the beginning of 1984, the department of Basic Courses was renamed the Basic Medicine Department

In 1987, Hunan Medical College was renamed Hunan Medical University and set up the Basic Courses Department

In March 1993, The Department of Basic Medicine of Hunan Medical University was renamed Basic Medical Since school

In 2000,The former Hunan Medical University, the former Changsha Railway College and the former Central South University of Technology were merged to form the School of Basic Medical Sciences

In 2002, the School of Basic Medical Sciences of South Centre University was reorganized